Saturday, August 20, 2011

Leaving: Day One Peterborough to Presquile (i)

Morning's somehow feel colder when I'm leaving to go somewhere. This one was no exception.
I had spent the evening before packing up my tote box. I'd live out of that tote box for the next nine days so my choices of what to take had been very carefully considered. using last year's list, I felt fairly confident that I'd have what I need and wouldn't be taking anything extra or forgetting anything crucial.

Astonishingly, I slept most of the way through the night. I had trouble eating breakfast but after the painful goodbyes to my children that I dread more than anything about travel, I got on my bike and pedalled off downtown to meet up with the rest of the Ride for Africycle Team.

We had agreed to meet around 8:15 a.m. at B!ke's new location and as I rolled up I noticed that I was the last one there.
My wife rolled up with my tote bin in her car as well as my sleeping bag, tent, sleeping roll and camp chair. I loaded those up by the side of the bus and introduced myself to those members of the team who I had not met yet.

A couple of get-to-know-each-other rides in the week before had helped to bring together the newer members of the ride, so there was a lot less of the awkwardness that goes with setting out on a huge endeavour like this with people you barely know.

The press arrived eventually so a photo and video shoot was set-up.

Then it was time for hugging and waving and whistling and cheering and off we went.
We waved at everyone we passed, talked to people just cracking their first bottle of beer for the day, out walking their dog, or just plain sitting on their porch letting the Sun do the work of waking them up gradually.

No gradual wake up for the riders though as we were soon past the City limits and out onto Wallace Point Road working the kinks out of riding, taking turns up front, getting some photographs, and taking in the beautiful countryside.

One of the highlights of the morning ride was riding along one of the most beautiful roads I've ever ridden on - my camera was in my back-pocket and on this day was coated in my sweat so the images have a sort of fuzzy quality about them which in my view just adds to the magic!

I ducked away from the team just above Cobourg and raced into town for a visit with my Mum - an annual tradition - where I grabbed fresh water, a hug, and a photograph of course! I nipped by Monk's Cove and then hurried along the Main Street to join my fellow riders at Victoria Park for Lunch.

Lunch was our first taste of Jerrett the cook's food. It was amazing and yet somehow Jerrett outdid himself with each meal after that!!!


  1. I was surprised you didn't include the photo of you and your mom!

  2. That shows up in the next post buddy! Steven