Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day One Part Two: Peterborough to Presqu'ile (ii)

As I mentioned in the previous post, I dropped away from the official RFA route to see my Mum.

Here we are sharing a hug.
There's a combined 134 years of mutual admiration looking right at you!!!

From my Mum's place I rode through downtown Cobourg until I got to Victoria Park where the Bus was already parked, lawnchairs were set up and lunching was well underway. My Mum and Aunt made their way over to say hello to the Team. After a superb lunch of salad and potao salad made up by Jerrett the Wonderchef, we made our way out of Cobourg using the fantastic bike lanes that are a part of the Lakeshore Bike Trail. I've used this route several times to get to and from Kingston and I highly recommend it.

The weather held nicely and we made good time through to the little town of Colborne where a stop at Gilligan's loosened limbs and tongues and replenished lost fluids. It's always fun to walk into a bar in lycra bike shorts. I can't get enough of the laughter and the soto voce comments as you leave.

The ride from Colborne to Presqu'ile isn't that far but the ride in off Highway 2 and then past the camp's main gate to the site was amazingly long! I figured we were pretty much out near the tip of the point of the park.

Looking at this map - we were within walking distance of the lighthouse - I'd say I was right!! But you know what. I'd love to be biking along that road right now! We got a huge campsite and quickly pitched our tents.

The bikes all gathered together for a talk about the riders , the scenery, and the next day's ride.

Michael made sure he got a really good faceful of woodsmoke ... it's way cheaper than smoking.

On tomorrow's ride we make our way to Kingston!


  1. A very worthy cause and a great looking ride, I'm enjoying reading your updates!

  2. hey jra thanks! this is my second lap around lake ontario for africycle. i'm not sure what the plan is for 2012 but we'll be talking that one over in a few days. steven