Thursday, May 27, 2010

hot weekend

a hot weekend of rides - three of them and each over fifty kilometres -
not much for seasoned riders but for me a good effort.

the rewards included seeing a beautiful heron flying alongside me down the river, more cheery waves and hellos than i can count, and sharing the road with biking chum chloe black
recently back in from arizona where she winters.

at the time she and her two fellow riders caught up with me i was cruising along at 30 kph, as soon as i hooked in with them, the speed went up by 10 kph. it's that simple!

glorious deep blue skies, lots of heat ((thirty + celsius which is exceptional, especially for this time in may),
and lots of humidity so i learned to drink on the fly.
water consumption is double that of a twenty something celsius day.

the trees are completely out and green now and the sides of the roads are dotted with the early wildflowers mostly purple and white but some pale blue cornflowers were showing.

there were lots of bugs including one dragonfly that hit me in the face.
it was like having a rock thrown at me!
there are some really little bugs that are like pea gravel.
they have hard shells and bounce off your lips and teeth and sunglasses with a clicking sound.
of course if you're sucking air like i was they fly into your mouth and then there's the delicate operation of rooting around with your tongue to dig them out before they become a snack!

best of all though was the satisfaction that i am able to ask my body for more as each week passes and so the anxiety i experience thinking about my upcoming ride with the africycle team (which will require me to ride more than one hundred kilometres a day for ten days) is lessening. it's not gone, but it's more manageable!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

early morning

i love riding out
in the early morning
on a weekend

after coffee
granola bars
a little bit of psyching

and a lot of ignoring
of the aches and pains
still lingering
from the last ride

this classic self-portrait shows me sucking air somewhere northeast of peterborough.
looks like i forgot to shave . . . .