Sunday, April 29, 2012

well . . . .

avid readers of "cycles" will know that for me the cycling never actually stops. in fact this has been the best back-to-back year of riding i can ever remember as i managed to cycle right through the winter and so carry a seamless experience from last summer in my legs and head that i hope will help me on my planned big journey this summer.

more about that another time.

meanwhile, i bought another bike while i was in quebec a month or so ago. i was riding with a friend through the hills and valleys there and we passed a coffee shop that also seemed to sell bikes. so we agreed that on our way back we'd stop in for pastries and coffee and cast an eye on the merchandise. 

well, i didn't get a coffee or a pastry but i did ride out on this:

this bike gets me to and from school and if plans work out, will get me and my gear 
back from quebec city this summer.

the ride there i will be on my roadbike.

 i was out for a ride up to lakefield yesterday.

the wind was a bit raw in places and was not at all kind in its in-my-face atttitude, so there was no letting up on the push push push that goes with a headwind.


which was fine because life is not always about tailwinds. 
more often it's about the beauty all around you.