Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kingston to Selkirk Shores State Park (i)

Sleeping in the pew was a bad idea but it had to be done. The opportunity might never present itself again. I kept telling myself that as I slowly dragged myself out of the half-sleep I'd experienced through much of the night as people shuffled to the washroom and the kitchen, started packing up their stuff and generally started the day.

Jerrett the wonder chef appeared with aviator glasses on that did not leave his face for a very long time. Jerrett scored major cred for preparing a huge batch of French toast while being seriously worse for the wear after a very long night out with Dave and Ben.

There were several reminders to make sure we had our passports handy as today we got to cross the Lake into the U.S. The Ride for Africycle is really well-organized, but it can be a very laid back affair in terms of getting started each day. This was no exception! After saying our goodbyes and thankyous to the good people at the Next Church,

we eventually made our way through the sleepy streets of Downtown Kingston to the ferry, which we observed making its way across the outer edges of Kingston Harbour. It had left about fifteen minutes before. The next ferry? Fourty-five minutes.

For future riders, here's a handy-dandy ferry schedule! Oh well. Michael, Ed and I decided to go for a little ride and made our way through downtown and then along the shoreline, picking out little paths and byways until we got back to the ferry dock. After a bit more waiting, the ferry returned and we walked our bikes on and

found places to enjoy the brief journey to Wolfe Island.
Wolfe Island is home to a massive windpower generating project. Wiki says there are 89 towers.
The RFA wind turbine counting team says easily more than a hundred.

When we got to Wolfe island we got back on our bikes and rode across to the next ferry which would take us across to the U.S. When we got to the dock we could just see it making its way into the harbour on the U.S. side. No problem! Look at the beautiful day we were getting to enjoy!

Even the bugs sitting on this capstan knew enough to just chill and enjoy the sun.

Eventually the little ferry returned and the Captain remembered us from last year! How cool is that!
Here he is (in the window) and there's Scotia. We're right on top of the border.

Passage through the little shack at the border was quick and easy and we made our way over to our favourite cafe in Cape Vincent for coffee and baked goods. A slow day slowed down even more and when we realized what time it was (a couple of times) we got back on the bikes and started off for Selkirk Shores State Park.

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