Friday, August 5, 2011

into august

time for an update here as i've been putting a lot of kilometres on the bike in preparation for the big ride which leaves in less than three days. if i told you i wake up every night thinking about the ride, that it crosses my mind constantly, you'd only get half a sense of how jacked i am to head out and around the lake. oh and nervous!

eleven hundred kms is a long way to ride in eight days and i feel physically and mentally prepared for it but there are variables (like the weather and other things you don't say or write about because it's just plain bad luck) that can change the tone of a ride. being responsible for the mapping of this ride has been really cool and also nerve-wracking because i don't want to take these good people on a wild goose chase up and down every hill in the region!

meanwhile i ride whenever i can which is most days. i'm putting about fifty to seventy-five kms a day on the bike and trying to remember that it's not just about the distance but also about the experience of riding.

so i'll share a few of my favourite photos from recent rides for you to enjoy here.

this is my riding buddies joe and blair dragging their butts up a hill in cavan on a hot day

hay rolls about twenty km southwest of peterborough

the awesome chloe black!!

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