Wednesday, August 17, 2011

back again!

the ride for africycle 5.0 team arrived back safe and relatively sound in peterborough on sunday, august 14th!

the ride was awesome and fun and filled with memories. i'd do it again. right now in fact!
the weather was really kind to us this year with only one day of torrential rain and one day of headwinds and cross-winds to contend with.
we met all kinds of lovely, fun, and kind people along the way.
the food was nothing short of incredible! having jerrett the pro cook along was a total gift!
the support crew - big dave barber and the incredible ben voss - were super good to us also.

over the next little while, i'll put together the stories and photographs from the trip and share them here and over on the ride for africycle blog itself.

a huge thankyou to all of you who supported the ride with donations, prayers, and good thoughts.
all are received with equal gratitude.


  1. steve,

    Can you put this post on the page? I think your daily reports should go up as well. What do you say?


  2. done! readers can view the posts here as well as on the ride for africycle homepage which can be linked to fromt he sidebar here. steven

  3. Sounds wonderful, Steven! I thought about you often.

  4. ruth - it was ana amzing journey. the second time i've ridden all the way around lake ontario. it was entirely different in many ways. thanks for thinking of me. the riders know that our legs and hearts and minds aren't all that gets us all the way 'round safely! steven