Saturday, February 26, 2011

new link!

i was in a shop today picking up some duds for a holiday coming up and (if they get worn in nicely) they'll make some nice additions to my africycle wardrobe. anyhow, i got to talking with the guy running the shop and the subject of cycling came up - turns out he has relatives cycling from alaska to chile. so he gave me their bloggy link and if you look sideways you'll see that if you click on the image of two little people with bikes standing in front of a honking great cactus you'll be transported into their incredible journey face first!!!
go quickly and plan on spending some time because it is a really beautiful, rich blog filled with great stories and photographs!


  1. Wow, Alaska to Chile! Steven, you're not thinking of getting a crazy notion to .... Steven! Steven!! You've got that wild look in your eye .... again.

  2. I just came back from their site. Too much! What a beautiful mad odyssey, so beautiful that it makes me think that the true madness is not joining them. As if I did not already have too much of the Don Quijote in me ... I will definitely be following their trek on your sidebar link.

  3. lorenzo - the wanderlust is always hovering in the back of my mind, but it's tempered by the doubts that hover closer to the front of my mind and then also, the responsibilities i've welcomed into my life. having said that, i do have some gradually forming thoughts around a longer journey at some point in my life, preferably before my sense of myself as too old becomes firmly entrenched. steven