Sunday, March 6, 2011

on the trainer

it's late winter and not quite spring. the most tormenting time for a cyclist (at least where i live) because you really can't do any decent cycling on a daily basis.
some days the roads are dry and other days they're covered in snow, or ice.
so for now i put on my ipod and stare at the wall and push the pedals imagining all the time.

good news for me is that registration for the ride for africycle has kicked off and i've registered to ride around lake ontario again this summer! actually i'm training for three events - a couple of duathlons and of course the africycle ride.
i'll put up more about the africycle ride as i learn more.
for now, here are some pics of me dialing up the sweat quotient.

my bike is so much more patient than i am.
imagine sitting still in a basement all day, knowing what lies in front of you!

head down as i drop the gears.

heads up for a good tune.
today i was listening to brian eno and john cale's disc - "wrong way up".

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  1. big thanks to my dawson manboy who stopped his life long enough to take photographs of his dad on his bike trainer. it must be so weird to be him!!! steven