Sunday, March 27, 2011

the dog days are over

tomorrow my commuter bike gets its wheels on the road after almost exactly three months of waiting patiently down by the furnace in what the residents of this house call "the way down there". the journey begins with a pedal stroke around seven thirty tomorrow and hopefully carries through seventy round trips to and from school, two duathlons, a ride around lake ontario,
and unknown rides
yet to be planned and ridden with the boys and girls of peterborough.

i'm so excited i doubt i'll sleep tonight!!!

this very cool video carries all the energy i share with my biking community.


  1. Good to see you on the road yesterday Steve. Actually, in front of your drinking hole. Looking forward to connecting with you tomorrow.


  2. What a cool video! I thiought the singer was Beth Orton, but the credits say Florence & The machine or something.

    I love my Jamis commuter!