Thursday, February 17, 2011

beer and bikes

bringing together the two disconnected but mutually supporting worlds of beer and bikes is the dream of many a cyclist pedalling his sorry behind up what he or she imagines is the last hill before home. it's in that the most vulnerable part of any ride that dreams are born, wishes are made, curses are flung and hitherto unimagined possibilities rear their ugly or beautiful heads.

the beer bike must have come about during such a moment (or so i'd like to think) because there are issues with pedalling quantities of any liquid anywhere that beg to be discussed,
but for now let's just focus on this beautiful if unlikely marriage.

here's a beautiful contraption that can be found on the streets of amsterdam.

here's some action footage!

i'm just imagining the end of a long hard africycle day - a hundred and something clicks on the odometer, the thirstometer registering well into the red and this beautiful beast glides up alongside!!!

a long way west of here in portland, the bike bar has made a splash of sorts.

here's some really cool footage that explains the origins of the bike bar.
by the way, put your hand up if you've had to ride with a box of beer balanced on the handlebars any distance. that's how this machine was born. see what i mean about great ideas being born out of adversity!!!

while probably a bit of a challenge to propel over long distances, the beer bike has in my eyes bridged the gap that exists unnecessarily between beer and bikes.

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  1. Great idea born out of advertisty or dire necessity?! A fun post - I have to get back to Amsterdam.