Saturday, February 5, 2011

boy and bicycle (part one)

the film bladerunner has long stuck in my consciousness as an example of what is possible when visual and audio artists team up with someone who has an extraordinary insight. the filmaker ridley scott had relatively humble and obscure origins that began apparently with this film which i'm going to share here in two parts.

the film is entitled "boy and bicycle" and was filmed while scott was
a photography student in art college in 1962.

while not carrying the weight of presence of my favourite bicycle film "the bicycle thief", it still conveys images of an england long past through the eyes of a boy entering young adulthood.

the plot: a teenage boy skips school, and spends the day riding around the town and the deserted beach on his bicycle, letting his mind wander as he imagines he is the only person in the world.

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