Friday, August 27, 2010

the road to young's point

the ride out to young's point is a beautiful addition to the ride to lakefield.
with a little detour west through the town you end up on the outskirts of lakefield.
take the first right turn and you're off on a wide country road that takes you past all sorts of lovely sights including these buildings that caught my eye.

on this particular ride a large red fox crossed the road about thirty feet in front of me.
i wanted to say hello but he moved as smooth as water into the trees to the right
and was completely gone within a moment.

i love the fields, trees and big skies the most!


  1. Hi Steven, I am leaving this comment because for some reason comments on 'the golden fish' blog have been "disabled by an administrator". I do not know if this intentional or not. I really loved today's post there the window it offers us to peer into your early development as a sensitive poetic soul (albeit one whose riding kit stinks). One of the truly outstanding and admirable features of the golden fish is its consistency. You post everyday, even when away, and yet I dare say that not a single one has ever left me less than enthralled. Your quiet musings and photographs reverberate in my mind well after I leave the blog. And this happens every day. That strikes me as amazing, yet you have made it a routine. Happy blog anniversary.

  2. lorenzo thankyou for your kind and generous comment. there has been some glitchy wonkiness over at the golden fish with formatting challenges being high on the list! i think i've fixed the problem. the "routine" you mention is something like meditation. a useful part of my day which i wish to be useful for others. as long as it remains worthwhile for the writer and the reader then i'll continue! oh and i really enjoy it as well! cheers. steven