Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ride for africycle day five (part two)

selkirk shores state park to sodus 120 km (part two)

cycling is filled with metaphor.
i guess anything is if you see it as a sort of surface manifestation of what lies underneath.

this particular night was probably the most challenging of the ride because the team was exhausted, we had no facilities, no running water, it was really really hot and humid, the bugs were merciless, and people were upset.

but through it all there was the magic of the process of riding as a group,
the amazing and often beautiful scenery, and this particular spot was no exception.

i thought of the lives of the people we are riding for.


  1. I agree: I thought the whole of cycling was a metaphor, long before I knew what a metaphor was.

  2. i came to see it for the metaphor it is a few years back when i bought my first road bike and moved from simply commuting to and from work, to riding for pleasure. steven

  3. I took a drive to Sodus Bay on my day off, probably just before you all reached there. I have never been there before, but must return before winter. Looks like a pleasant area. I'm told a lot of doctor, lawyer, and "wealthy" types from Rochester and Syracuse have their summer homes and boats there. Must be nice!

    Enjoying following your trip....Gee, Steven, I'm 57 now. Wonder if I could get into good enough shape to do this next year!!??!! :)


  4. hey rick!!! listen bud i'm 53 and i'll be riding next year just shy of my 54th year. we had a woman rider who was 67. you can do this and you'd have a blast!!! you don't have to be superfit or a triathlete or any of that jazz - just in good shape and i found that training rides up to about 60 km max were all i needed to prepare. oh and i bought a trainer for the winter months. think about it!!! sodus is a pretty nice area - oh yes!!! steven