Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ride for africycle day eight (part three)

niagara falls, ontario to bronte creek provincial park, oakville
120 km (part three)

a big part of cycling for me is that it brings me closer to the world i live in.
this in turn allows me to more fully appreciate the big and the small of what and who i share this space with.

the evening at bronte creek was especially beautiful.
clouds filled the sky and melded with all sorts of light to create some amazing scenes.

here is some of what we saw.

here's the google map for getting from niagara falls to bronte creek.
you'll notice that it begins in the united states.
that's because (if you recall) we changed our plans a day or so ago
and made our way into canada a day early.


  1. Absolutely beautiful photos.

  2. penny thankyou very much. it was a beautiful evening! steven

  3. Great photos! What camera do you use, Steven?

  4. thankyou rick! these photographs were taken using an olympus e-420. most of the photos on this blog are taken using a nikon coolpix 7600. the pictures aren't as good with the nikon but it fits in the back pocket of my cycling jersey and doesn't get too messed up by the high humidity levels back there. steven