Monday, August 23, 2010

ride for africycle day ten (part one)

uxbridge to peterborough
100 km (part one)

waking in a park in the middle of a small town.
no one around.
i stumbled over to the washrooms.
perhaps one too many beers last night i dunno.
it was a good time and i know my body enough to know that once i'm on the bike it'll all wake up and my mind will clear and the day will unfold as it should.
but that first half hour of stumbling back to my tent and lying down and realizing that i had slept with my feet higher than my head because the tent was on a slope.
that i had slept awkwardly because the "pillow" i had made had lumpy stuff in it that was sort of damp.
oh boy - you're how old !!!
one ibuprofen, some coffee, granola, and juice. then i put back a pile of water
and i started the head-clearing process.

it seems that i missed a bit of a meeting somewhere along the line and when the morning ride headed out i was a little behind everyone else so i was headed out of town until my buddy john paul chased me down and told me that we were meeting at africycle world headquarters
on the outskirts of uxbridge - a place that i had passed a couple of kms back.

if you'd like to drop by and have a look at the africycle place for yourself then here's the google map!

here's a blurry pic of john paul in part of their showroom.

it was a strange ride.
i was preoccupied with getting home, seeing my family, seeing the world cup final, having cold beer.
well you name it.
i was preoccupied with it!

the ride between uxbridge and peterborough is really pretty.

it took some fancy navigating, some riding alongside cars travelling at a good clip,
and an eye for the rural beauty we were passing through.

sometimes you just keep an eye on your shadow.

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