Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the rail trail

i live in the west end of my city, close to the edge of the farmer's fields and at the top of a hill.
my favourite rides are mostly northeast of here, so i ride through the city and when i come out the other side, this beautiful paved trail (built on the former route of a railway line) unfolds before me.

built for railway trains, it has hardly any gradient, is generally very smooth and at the moment,
is perfumed with the scent-clouds of lilacs

and wildflowers.

and there are beautiful expanses across wild fields . . .

little spaces . . .

and a trail that just keeps on unfolding . . .


  1. Oh man, I just love it. One day I have to post some photos of where I bike around here. Much drier and less florid, but wonderful all the same.

    Better yet, we can do a cyclo-museum exchange program, with you visiting here for some cycling, and much museum hopping, plaza strolling, wining and dining, and then me going over there to ride those trails with you.

  2. Oh,wow,this looks great!!Looks familiar too!Wonderful route!