Monday, June 14, 2010

chocolate, marshmallow and graham crackers

i love food.
so signs that come up during a ride
that promise food are huge distractions
that sometimes lead to good things.

this is one that lasted a few months
just south of here.

i've got to tell you that riding past this after a couple of hours of riding up and down the local drumlin field
was a sure fire way to get me reaching into my back pocket for a treat!!


  1. I did some racing in my foolish days - used to carry raw egg in cold porridge in the water bottles. You reminded me of that.

  2. dave i rode with a guy recently who had concocted a drink made out of a mixture of powdered milk and gatorade crystals and water. he was happy as a clam - i felt really sorry for his grastro-intestinal system. steven

  3. Hi Steven! How are you? I love the "cycling blog". I rode a lot when I lived in Germany, I miss it. We do not have the bike paths here like they had in Europe. I remember how hungry you can get when riding, seeing that sign had to hit the stomach with a light blow. :)