Sunday, June 27, 2010

the big ride

this friday i leave for a 1000 kilometre plus ride around lake ontario.
i can't believe it. really i can't.

here's who we're riding for.

the bike's in for a final tune-up.
i pitched the tent in my living room so i can get the hang of how the bits go together.
i figure i'll get that sorted out by the last night out on the road.
i also figure there'll be a night or two when it rains and the tent gets messed up as i put it together.
actually i know that'll happen!

this is the bus that'll carry my gear.

here are the first two days as seen on google maps.

here are the next eight.

wish me luck!

i'm going to post all images and stories and maybe even some video here when i get back.
i depart july 2 and return july 11.


  1. So,the big ride is starting!! All the luck and safe joyful journey Steven,till next time you brave man!!
    Aleksandra :O)

  2. I see you will all be riding along Latta Road/Route 18 in Rochester. That's just about a 5 minute walk from my house! Would love to meet you and cheer you on.... Guessing the ride will pass this way around Monday or Tuesday.

    All the best, Steven!


  3. aleks -brave is as brave does. i'm leaving tomorrow. scared right now but also really excited. i'm riding with very cool people and i know there'll be all sorts of stories to tell and pictures to show. see you at the end. steven

  4. hey richard - wow! well i'm looking at our latest route maps and we're riding on thomas avenue and then onto lake ontario state parkway which crosses over latta. we end up that day at hamlin beach state park. it's so hard to figure out times. i've written to all the papers around the lake to get some coverage and that's one of the big challenges is how to figure out our passge through their zone of interest! if you'd like then send a phone number to and i'll see if we can get a call out to you so we can cross paths!!! steven

  5. Good luck have a great ride and have fun.

  6. thanks penny very much! i will! steven