Saturday, June 5, 2010

the big wheel keeps on turning

i love the culture
of cycling

it allows for everything

especially eccentricity


  1. And it turns on a dime! Next stop, alpe d'huez...

  2. You should hear me laughing when I opened the page and saw the picture of the monsterbike, :O)
    Im still laughing imagining taking my slow afternoon walk downtown and then the expression on the faces of some people when this chap rides by!! Wonderful!! Ahahahahaha....Huston we have a problem :O).... brilliant

  3. At the end he said,Ik Kan niet meer,ik ben moe!!!
    means,I can not,not anymore,im tired,:).......
    I can imagine you feel sometimes like this on your rides,maybe not?
    how do you find these things?
    Greetings from Holland!

  4. Wonderful! The nearest I ever got to something like that was riding a penny-farthing (trying to!) round a village green - in the days before the traffic got heavy! Super post.

  5. lorenzo - this poor guy is working so hard but it is (as they say) for a good cause . . .because really somebody has to do this sort of stuff. steven

  6. aleks - you're so good with this and especially thanks for the translation. i figured he was absolutely whipped - nothing left in the tank - but like i said to lorenzo - somebody has to do this. it's gotta be done!!! i love the cheers from the bystanders. go boy go!!! do i feel like him - oh yeah - i rode 102 km on saturday - half of it into a stiff wind and then up and over some monster hills. it hurt my body and then my mind!!! steven

  7. dave - i've always wondered what it would be like to ride a penny farthing. hard on the cobblers i imagine!!! steven