Thursday, July 21, 2011

some river road moments

lately i've been putting in some time on river road north of peterborough. partly to work on speed and also to work on endurance. i also really like the ride for its little details. right now the river has slowed to a crawl as the drought continues and so some of the lake levels north of here are getting quite low. with the river being slow, the surface tends to be a lot calmer and the flowers punch out so much more vividly against the deep blue of the water.

two days ago i was traveling at a good clip when i saw a garter snake about thirty feet in front of me start to cross the road. in the same instant a crow launched itself from a nearby tree and snagged the snake, biting through it as it flew!

yesterday i saw a squirrel hanging upside down from a small branch. at first i thought the worst - that someone had hung it there - until i saw that it was hanging from its back feet, tail pointing straight to the sky and it was eating a berry with its front paws!

tomorrow i plan on heading south to cobourg. i'll post any decent pictures and stories from that journey in a little while.


  1. the clouds keep drawing my attention in all of your pictures.

  2. mine too aguilar! they are high up on the list of favourite summer experiences for me. steven