Saturday, July 2, 2011

millbrook loop

my summer holidays have started and so yesterday i enjoyed a very easy ride up to lakefield with my wife and friends. essentially an ice cream run, i found a couple of spots to stretch out and travel at a bit of speed but you know, it wasn't that bad moving along at 2/3 the usual speed. i got to talk with my wife, really appreciate my surroundings and travel the 47 km round trip in comfort.

but, i wasn't satisfied. i've been harbouring a wish to pass through millbrook and sample the wares at the pastry peddler. so last night i went over to ptbo rides and scouted out

i wake relatively early every day no matter whether i am working or not. so after a leisurely start to the day reading with the windows open and listening to the birds and chipmunks establishing their territories, i helped my daughter deliver her newspapers, made breakfast for my son, sorted out a slow leak on the rear tire of my road bike and then struggled to find helmet, camera, water bottle, etc. etc.

it's funny, i've noticed other times that some days when i am entirely psyched for a ride, things seem to disrupt the flow of preparation. in fact i was ready to give up the idea of a ride today. i'm not usually that easy to defeat but i was getting the sense that something was preventing me from going on this ride.

not to be put off i finally got everything together and left, knowing that the rear tire might cause some grief.

i raced down brealey/airport road and turned at sharpe line which has a few small but challenging to me hills.
the views from the top are always beautiful.

after i had taken this picture i shouted out "thankyou for this day" and laughed.

turning at tapley quarter line i passed this little shed which is one of many old buildings
in the area i really love to see.

eventually i arrived in millbrook which was right in the middle of the annual classic car show. the car show shuts the main street down so i walked carefully between some beautifully restored fities, sixties and seventies metal on my way to the bakery where i picked up a tasty pastry and some water.

i was smitten with these wheels.

a 1962 pontiac tempest le mans. one of four in canada.

a fast ride out of millbrook travelling east at 40 km/h plus with a tailwind.
it was beautiful, expansive, and very quiet.

long stretches of road were entirely mine.

except for the odd turkey vulture.

and quiet little places i couldn't just ride by.

this is a beautiful ride that links up little pieces that i've done at one time or another but not put into a loop.
i'd happily do this ride again.
and i will!!

p.s. no trouble from the rear tire - go figure!!!


  1. That sounds like a great ride! It looks pretty flat or at least gentle inclines which would fit well with my riding capabilities. The car show is terrific and I like the way you referred to it as "metal". I've not heard that reference before now. Happy rides! Lizzy "-)

  2. lizzy - it's got long flat stretches and then long rolling hills left behind by the glaciers. some of these are good challenges but they aren't that long so you can catch your breath back pretty quickly. steven