Monday, July 11, 2011

a hot july morning ride

riding on the hottest days ... common sense goes out the window and it's a case of survival while not giving up the good aspects of a ride through the hills which include the beautiful views, the bird songs, and the strangely satisfying yet warm drink that comes out of the water bottles.

that was today's ride. a repeat of the millbrook loop with one big difference and that is that my plan was to refuel and get fresh water at the pastry peddler. i drank my last drop on the ride into millbrook and
wouldn't you know it - "sorry, we're closed".
no, really!!!

yes really!!

so i didn't bother stopping and rode straight past all the fields filled with giant hay rolls and on through to the silver bean for a small americano and a giant ginger cookie.

i got home pretty much cooked.
poke me with a fork.
i'm done!

i'm currently experiencing a radlermass lager courtesy of the waterloo brewing company.


  1. lizzy - the three rules of cycling for me and those i treasure as fellow riders are good americano's, pastires, and beer! steven