Saturday, May 28, 2011

the ride home from young's point

i've done a couple of rides up to young's point and back recently. partly for the distance and partly also because it's a beautiful ride. strange fact though is that usually when i've ridden to
young's point over the last few years, it rains.

i remember a ride last summer. i saw a black cloud to the west. it was travelling south right alongside me. i thought for sure that it would turn west and then just before i got to lakefield it turned east and kaboom, crack, splash - a thunderstorm. i'll ride through them but i don't like them. there is something very visceral and ennervating about the experience though.

anyhow, my latest journey was no exception as i turned around at highway twenty eight and
headed south along young's point road.
the clouds gathered.

and sure enough little spitty bits started blowing my way.

it wasn't wet the whole time though.

i remember when i worked in a factory in toronto, dreaming of days like this.


  1. Those clouds are dramatic and beautiful. What a great place for a ride, despite its tendency to rain.

  2. This is one of my favourite rides. Thanks for sharing the photos. I'll make one my desktop wallpaper.

  3. hey kerry! i love riding because i get to really see the environment and high on the list of bits of the environment that i love to see are flowers and clouds. i'm glad you liked these clouds!! steven

  4. hey michael - i love the lonely stretches up near young's point. i keep looking for animals but they hide off in the woods when i approach. or at least i figure that's what they're doing. steven