Friday, May 6, 2011

racing the pavé (2)

as promised, here's part two of the team net app film about the paris - roubaix.

part two is ripe with pre-race nerves. you likely know the tight clenching fluttering feeling in your throat and stomach when you're setting out on a ride that you know is going to challenge you - this film captures that sensation so well! you can see it in the rider's faces as they talk to the camera.
260 kilometres. i still can't get past that!


  1. Great stuff. I love the inside look this film gives us. I insist on my earlier points, 260 km is impressive to us, but not to a pro. What is diabolical about the Paris-Roubaix is how hard they race the entire distance, with constant attacks. The pelotong breaks up into many, many clusters very early on. And the tension in the kms preceding the pavé sections is enormous as the riders try to get in the best position to survive. It is absolute madness.

  2. lorenzo - i watch the tour de france most years - when i'm not out riding myself - and it astonishes me that they have enough strength to complete the course let alone engage in attacks. the paris-roubaix is a nasty race and certainly the pavé takes its toll, but how they have anything more than the will to survive is astonishing to me. perhaps if i was nineteen or twenty all over again i wouldn't be letting my body do so much of the talking here!! steven