Thursday, June 9, 2011

the bike lane dilemma

let's get political.
i'm on record as not being political. but perhaps there's a place for some of the features of being a cyclist in a world that is (in my neck of the woods) super slow or close to unwilling to accept
that the bike is for me and many others, my primary mode of transportation.
it's fun, i love it, and it is how i get around.
end of story.

i'd really like my city to move a little faster in terms of getting the idea that just as with cars there are special provisions to ensure their safe movement around, so do there need to be accomodations and infrastructure put in place that protects a cyclists needs and rights.

above all, i'd like to avoid what this poor guy has to deal with!!!


  1. Steve,

    Let's build a bike line through all the car lots along Lansdowne and then underneath the mall.

    You and me buddy. We'll change this city.


  2. ha!!! i'm in michael!!! thanks for the props!!! steven