Thursday, July 22, 2010

ride for africycle day two (part two)

presquille provincial park to kingston 130 km (part two)

after packing up lunch we rode out of picton which you exit up a long steep hill that curls around the side of a hill and then decends just as quickly to the access point to the historic glenora ferry.

i've known about this ferry for as long as i can remember but never taken it. so i was pretty excited. i mean it's very cool to bike along and then put your bike on another means of transportation to get you across water .

the ferry took us across to adolphustown.
leaving prince edward county, which as my dad told me years back is a beautiful place.
a special place for sure.

this was the first of three ferries we were to take on this journey.

on board and moving.
two swallows had built a nest on board the ferry and i was amazed to watch as they flew into the strong wind, tacking like little sailboats from side-to-side as they made their way to and from their nest.

from there we rode along the shoreline of lake ontario enjoying beautiful tailwinds,
beautiful scenery and beautiful each other!

i was amazed at how well i remembered this section from having travelled along it last two years before.
sweet pics and good stories about that time can be found here.

the nightlife in kingston was fun - walking down princess street brought back good memories of the many times i've walked this street.
i ran over to the black dog pottery but he was closed so no pottery this time.

i went to dinner with three other riders and then met up with the rest of the team at a coffee shop/bakery for dominoes, apple crumble and an americano.

here are john paul, andrea and michael grooving up the princess street scene.

we stayed on the floor of a church near the downtown. i slept on a couch - well sort of slept - while bike buddies slept between pews, wherever there was a space. in the morning a nice breakfast in the church kitchen, oh and i forgot to mention that some of the church people allowed us to enter their homes and use their showers. how very cool is that!!! the one i visited had solar h20 right off the roof. it's so hot you set the cold to full and then add a tickle of hot and hang on tight!!

here's the front of the church. it's called the "next" church.

tomorrow we cross the border into the united states.
i can't believe how constantly hungry i am!


  1. I'm enjoying your blow by blow description of your bike journey. It's as close as I'll ever get to making that kind of distance on a bike. Joanna

  2. oh hi joanna!! i'm glad you've found this place and can travel along with me. there's much more to come of course but i'm taking my time writing it down and trying not to get too wordy!! thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. steven