Friday, July 16, 2010

ride for africycle day one (part two)

peterborough to presquille provincial park 110 km (part two)

pulling away from city hall i felt a strange mixture of elation and sadness.

you know, there's my wife waving goodbye.

my son and my daughter at home.

my friends.

but then the idea of riding on a bicycle for ten days with very very few responsibilities is so appealing!!

here we are making our way down george street in downtown peterborough.

we made our way through to the southeast end of the city riding along quiet early friday morning streets.

it's very cool to ride with a group of people all wearing the same jerseys, all with the same goal in mind, all trying to get to know each other quickly.

we rode by my school - i was so proud at that moment because my work in that school had very much helped me arrive at this point in my life where i can give back in a very big and very real way to the world.
so i was thankful as i went by.

we quickly left behind the city limits and were in open country, crossing the otonabee river one more time.

then moving east of the city we got into the big rolling hills left behind by the glaciers.
early in the day, a hill is the best way to split a group up.
however, we stuck together as best as we could and the support and cohesion within
the team was evident right from the start as we slowed up to encourage the riders who needed more time and maybe a snack or to suck water.

at the top of one of the hills was this little green church. i liked it so you can have a look-see.

eventually the hills gave way to long sweeping downhills through wide open fields

and sometimes my most favourite of all - thickly wooded avenues - that allowed us to race
into the little town of port hope
where we stopped for lunch in a park.
lunches on this trip were always simply amazing events - bread, cold meat, cheese, mayo, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, fruit, granola bars, and whatever goodies dave barber the wonder driver could score on his way to the meeting place.
i'll tell you more about dave another time.

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