Monday, July 26, 2010

ride for africycle day three (part two)

kingston to selkirk shores state park 110 km (part two)

the ride out of cape vincent was really lovely and rural.
we passed through several tiny communities.
i wondered how they survived.
evidence of the struggle the residents likely experienced could be seen in the many closed shops
and boarded up old houses.

i wrote this about a brief stopover in dexter, ny.


a few hills along the way gave us a bit of a taste of what was to come.
the thing with hills is that they offer the potential of a great view and at the very least the satisfaction of having climbed them. on this day the heat wasn't too bad but was starting to make itself felt.

here's one such view across the lake earned after an especially wicked climb.

i found it hard to keep up any decent speed and don't know why.
some days i have jelly legs and it takes forever to find them.
other days it seems like they're ready to do whatever i ask.
wish i could figure that piece out!

apparently i passed by a house that was entirely painted in stars and stripes -
how do you miss something like that?!

i did see this house which appealed to me because it made me wonder what it could be like inside.

oh and did i mention that this ride was on the fourth of july - big day in america so everywhere we went flags were flapping, bunting was waving, but we didn't see any parades. hmmmm.

we stopped for lunch in a little place called dexter and watched our support bus go flying by. happily dave the driver figured things out and we had a really good lunch by a small river. later on we made a stop for a beer and some shuffleboard and then i found my legs.
can a beer and air conditioning do that for you?
i think they can!

speaking of rivers, here's one we crossed later in the afternoon.

our destination today was selkirk shores state park.
in fact we were going to stay there for two days.
here's the main entrance into the park.

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  1. Seein these shots I can only say I wish I could live in those greens and blues!!! Wow!Beautiful journey you had Steven! Thanks for sharing this beauty!