Tuesday, April 12, 2011

little ride (i)

a very long time ago i learned about the quiet beauty of cemeteries.
as a boy in england, my schoolyard chums and i would climb over the stone wall separating our yard from the church of england grounds next door. in the autumn we would slide on the flat stones which, when covered with leaves were not that different from the snow slides that very shortly afterwards became my new playground when i moved to canada.

one of my favourite "little rides" is through a cemetery called "little lake cemetery".
it is a fairly large and quite old place with lovely mature trees
and an exquisite placement next to the otonabee river.

i passed through it recently as i knew that the dogwood would be incredible on an early spring day with the sun shining soft and warm and the sky as clear and as robin's egg blue as they come.

just one more reason why i love to ride on two wheels.

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