Saturday, April 16, 2011

the commute improves

so i'm at the four week mark of commuting and it's starting to feel good again.
good means i can ask my legs to do something and they usually respond positively!
good means that even when it's blowing fifty km/h, i'm riding through an ice fog and watching ice crystals growing on my gloves (honest!), i'm smiling and can't really stop.
good means that when i signal for a right turn and a guy with two kids in a car watching from their seats,
dives at the corner and chops me, i get over it within forty-eight hours.

yep, all-in-all, it's all good!!!

anyhow i came across this video of a bike i'm not really tempted to ride
but it'd be so cool to try just once.
i think.

here's the bike hunkered in with a good buddy

if you feel an itch in your brain and your wallet is making its way out of your pocket then you should probably click right here and make a visit to the manufacturer's website!!


  1. At first I thought that's the bike for me because they made it look easy...but then...whoops, yes, that is what would happen to me if I tried to ride such a thing.
    Good for you, commuting by bike. You really get to feel what the day is like, don't you? And you actually pass the cars much of the time I bet.
    Happy Earth Day!

  2. hey kerry! sorry i missed your comment! i don't drive - i don't even have a license and never have. so the commute isn't really an option - it's a realit, but it's a good reality and sometimes i pass cars and someimes i pass buses bu they don't like it. not at all, because it's an in their face sort of thing from their perspective so i'm very cautious about passing. then there's the fact of carrying a laptop, marking, lunch, water and whatever else - clothes - that i need for the day. it's weight and it slows me up!! the good thing is it's good for me and good for my city and good for my planet. thanks! steven