Wednesday, January 12, 2011

to the sun

i'm getting through the dark icy days of a peterborough winter by reading a book about a journey around the world done on a bicycle by author alastair humphreys. the book (the first of two that he's written to cover the journey) is called "moods of future joys". alastair is a speaker now and you can hear his thinking right here.

by chance - well, if anything is by chance - i came across this clever animation called "to the sun" or "au soleil".

"to the sun" is based on the memories of a cycling trip josh wedlake undertook across eastern europe from berlin to istanbul. he travelled with three close friends on a journey lasting one month; they cycled through incredible scenery in germany, poland, slovakia, hungary, romania, bulgaria
and turkey crossing the beskids and the carpathians.

to learn more about josh and his journey then read the interview right here.

Au Soleil (To The Sun) from Josh Wedlake on Vimeo.


  1. Definitely, going to check this out, a cycling trip between two of my favorite cities, Berlin and Istanbul, wow!

  2. I have viewed the video. More than a bike trip it seems like a monumental spiritual rite of passage. Thanks for posting this, Steven.

  3. lorenzo - this is how i do it. watch bike films, read bike books, get on my road bike every day strapped to the rollers and imagine, imagine, imagine!!! i'm glad you also appreciated the video. very cool guy!!! steven