Tuesday, December 7, 2010

two- wheeled community: matt stetson

matt stetson

former neighbour, one half of the infamous "racing for booze" championship duathlon team, primary salesperson and chief wrench for all my wheels and parts in-between, wild boy matt has a sweet article in this month's issue of canadian cycling that you can read right here or better yet
sink some money into at your local magazine shop.

hey, while you're here.
here's a shot of matt and i after another podium finish in the peterborough dirty duathlon.

the following year - after we ascended to the top - a team of such raw talent and unbridled competitive ferocity was assembled (we believe expressly to address our ambitious assertion that we could set a new track record), that we were bumped one notch down the podium.

we still received our boozy rewards but the view from the second place podium spot was not quite as exceptional........

needless to say, matt and i bailed after that and matt has focussed on many things - domestic and recreational.
i've focussed on using the bike for good and not evil!

looks like matt's adding sportswriter to his long list of creds.
a gorgeous photo of the thursday night fight night ride appears in the same issue
in a two page spread.
buy the mag and
check it out.

attaboy stets!!

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