Thursday, December 16, 2010

fear and beauty

i face the sky
grey in the afterlight
of a long-set sun

it's almost five o'clock
it's cold
the snow falls
in feathery strands
pierced through
with a gunmetal blue core
that speaks more of winter than autumn

and my heart soars
for the beauty
just as it plummets
with fear

for a cyclist
fear and beauty
live side-by-side
in the wintertime


as of december 12th my bike is off the road

i'm crying inside . . . .


  1. steven said...
    hey andrea and michael - well, the road got narrower. the surface is slick, and i'm on really skinny tires. i got pressure from my family. this time 'round i listened. but you know what? im keeping an eye on the conditions and if they keep up the way they have the last little bit, i'll bring my bike back out. i did drop in on wildrock and looked at the very beautiful very expensive mountain bikes with big fat winter-busting tires and thought hmmmmm. i've also been looking at kijiji to see if there are any big fat wheels on light frames for cheap. the thing is, i get a ride in the morning with my wife which is good 'cause then we can talk about things ........ and then i can walk the 8 km home. it's not biking but it's good. steven

  2. Smart decision,it is time you make some fat-balls for birds or something in that direction, I thought of you when I was reading the other day of snow storms around Ontario,swallowing cars and people being trapped for days.....good that you have a warm family to talk to you some senses Mr Iceman! :O)
    Happy days for you and yours Steven,stay safe and well!! Oh ya,Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  3. aleks i've been taking care of the rabbits that show up in my yard but nothing for the birds - yet. winter usually lasts here from noevmber to april and it's started well before the autumn is officially over. it started this year on the 12th of december which is when i susually take the bike off the road. thanks for your kind and lovely thoughts aleks. steven

  4. I am glad you are playing it safe, Steven. I assume you use a trainer at home in the off weeks/months (seem to recall having seen a photo of one on your blog, but may be my imagination). Have a joyous Christmas holiday!

  5. lorenzo i do have a trainer and it'll be assembled and rolling in a couple of days. first there's the small matter of carb loading on christmas goodies!!! i wish you a superb holiday and heaps of christmas treats and tasties lorenzo! steven