Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the tyrone mill bakery ride (ii)

any ride has many objectives when you sit back and think about it. which, because of the way i was brought up as well as the way i have chosen to be - i do! this bike ride was about riding through the rapidly changing fall colours. the mid-point destination was the tyrone mill - a lovely old bakery that by reputation alone has managed to draw countless generations of people to get out of their comfort zone and make the trek to its relatively isolated self and give them good grain, good wood, good breads, and good honey and fruit. all good motivators for sure.

the bicycle ride - well it was about all of that and then also, bicycling in the company of really good people.
i know i crave and treasure that, and this ride was so much about that.

the mill is situated at the bottom of a steep hill and so the anchors were out the whole way down as we negotiated our way into a space (next to some old gears from the mill) for the bikes.

and then made our way inside past this display of local apples to sample the fare.

a gentleman offered samples of cinnamon and regular honey. both were stunningly tasty and filled with the fullness of a summer clearly good for busy bees. i made my way to the sales counter and asked for a white chocolate-raspberry scone and a cup of coffee. both were incredibly good. really truly!!! we sat out in the gorgeous early fall sunshine and enjoyed the luxury of sitting back and sharing life stories and the very simple luxury of good company while eating and drinking pure goodness.
here we are outside at the mill.

now i feel kind of bad that i didn't get more about the mill itself so i am relying on this video tour
to help carry the weight of that missing piece!!!

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