Sunday, October 3, 2010

cobourg to peterborough

my ride from cobourg back to peterborough was under mostly grey skies.
the weather forecast - well it's a prediction really isn't it -
"60% chance of showers late in the day in the peterborough area".
you know what that means,
i know what that means
and even though i was offered two rides back to peterborough i politely declined because -
a ride is a ride and won't be put on hold for the "chance of showers".

my approach to cycling has always been to go riding and make the best of what you're given.

here's a shot from the day before.
sunny skies - perfect for sailing, cycling, heading out for a walk, a run - whatever strikes your fancy!

so after a photograph of the bike down by lake ontario,
i headed out of cobourg and flew across the kilometres to port hope courtesy of a steady and strong tail-wind.

(this, by the way is the bike i ride to and from school every day.
i call this bike, my "commuter".
it's actually a de vinci nassau.
i've had it for four years now and i love it for its huge gear range which gets me up hills and gives me good speed across the flats. it's relatively light and comfortable,
plus, it has a blackburn rack at the back so i can carry stuff!)
it's got about ten thousand kilometres on it.

i'd thought about stopping in at dreamers for another crazy cookie and americano but i'd had a good lunch at my mum's and figured i'd just pass through.

the climb up and out of port hope is long and fairly steep. lined with old houses and little shops, the distractions are many but eventually i reached the turn for hwy. 2 north and left port hope behind.

at the point where hwy. 2 becomes country road 10, i passed through the lovely little hamlet of "welcome".

it was not long before i was riding through a very rural landscape.
many of the farmers were working in their fields. i like to wave at them when i pass by -
sort of a thankyou for their work which helps get food to my table.

many of the fields are filled with tall corn plants.

i'm not sure what's growing in all of the fields but i was really drawn to the distant hills - despite having ridden up and over the oak ridges moraine, there were many more hills yet to go.
in fact on this ride there are a dozen or so good climbs.
each has an excellent view either in front or behind.
you can see that the skies are filling with grey fluffy stuff.

i came over one hill not far south of millbrook and saw this lovely old farm.
so many farms have the most spectacular views.

as i approached cavan the skies opened up. gently at first and so i was grateful for the cooling rain, but the tempo gradually increased and then i heard the distant ominous rumbles of approaching thunder which naturally drew closer and closer until they were passing overhead.

this was the third ride i've been on in two weeks in which i've ridden through thunder and lightning!!
it goes with the time of year but there is nothing to match racing along a road with the rain pelting down and the sudden flash of a lightning bolt coupled with a grand boom of thunder to remind you of
how tiny and insignificant and vulnerable you really are.
the cows know what to do at times like this. just sit down and wait patiently.
i had about ten kilometres from here, so on i pushed.

happily i made it home in one piece, had a hot shower, changed into dry clothes, got the laundry started up and was tucking into a nice dinner before very long.
about 70 kilometres. two and a half hours of riding.

here's the google map link for my ride from cobourg to peterborough.

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