Saturday, September 4, 2010

up to trent

every so often i get asked to work up at trent university.
it usually involves facillitating the learning of teacher candidates in trent's school of education.
it's among my most very favourite work!

the ride there is lovely as it involves a quick descent out of the west end of peterborough.

note the blurry quality due to the high speed!!!

i stopped at the last bit of hill before descending into the misty environs of the
"downtown" core for a look at the sunrise.

which i didn't really see until i was right beside the otonabee river.

this particular day had an early start as i was meeting my co-facillitator cathy for breafast at the east city coffee shop. the east city coffee shop goes back in my own experiencing to 1979 when i first started stopping in there for peanut butter on toast and coffee to start my day. it's been going steadily along ever since although i've hardy been back to be honest.
the owners are super friendly people who put together a really excellent breakfast!
we ate a leisurely breakfast during which we mapped out our work for the morning and then - as neither of us wear watches - the sudden realization arrived that
we needed to be biking fairly quickly in order not to be late. so we got going.

photos were taken on the fly - i usually take pictures on the bike on a point and shoot but i had my big dslr with me, so balancing that in one hand and managing the bike with the
other led to some wobbles. so sorry 'bout that!!

here's cathy (a.k.a. dr. cathy bruce) flying up the path!

which was quiet and beautiful.

a pause for reflection as we crossed the bridge over the trent canal.

and finally we arrived at the front doors of otonabee college.
ready to think and learn out loud.

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