Wednesday, September 15, 2010

bike ride to the liftlock

it's strange that you can live somewhere for a very long time and not go see one of its main attractions.
i bet i'm not alone in that experience.

for example, in this town we have the peterborough liftlock.
it's the highest hydraulic liftlock in the world - big news if you're into hydraulic liftlocks (which i'm not!) -
but actually very cool to watch in action.

so the other day i decided that i had to see this thing at work.

here's what i saw.

what's amazing to know is that there are 1700 tons of water in those containers going up and down.
that's a whole lot of water!

park a few boats inside and there's a lot of stuff going up and down.

the boat in the pictures - the white one coming down the right-hand side - is a sidewheeler tour boat that cruises around the local area waterways.

well worth the bike ride over to see!

here's the google map for hardy souls wanting to make the journey.


  1. Those pictures are beautiful. By the way, when you said "it's strange that you can live somewhere for a very long time and not go see one of its main attractions."

    Kinda reminds me of how I feel about people sometimes. Sometimes I have known people for quite a long time (well not TOO long because I'm a highschooler haha) but I don't actually know their personality or their best qualities. Crazy, isn't it? How people can have a lot of conversations with each other and have known each other for awhile, and they say a lot, but maybe not a lot is actually being said or understood?

  2. hey thanks vivian78. i do connect to what your suggesting about the apparent intimacy of people that is in fact better described by the word distance. there are social niceties that have been created to allow for that to happen. if you are prepared to push past those niceties and give the real person an opportunity to be present, you'll find if the relationship is a gift . . . . or a fraud. in high school i struggled massively with that whole piece of life. thanks for visiting. steven