Saturday, December 3, 2011

riding on december 3rd, 2011

there's still no snow on the ground and sure it's one degree celsius out with a 17 kph wind huffing in from the south (which doesn't mean warm air by the way!!) but i have to take my road bike out and see the sights,
feel the feelings, i bet you know what i mean!

my bike and body stretch across the dry and fading late autumn landscape.

the rider who isn't really there rode with me today. "hey! long time no see.
i bet you're glad you could come along aren't you?!!!"

there's a peacefulness about this little part of the world.

everything is filled with the sense of waiting for the arrival of winter.

i saw autumn and winter merging across a pond.

i'm so glad to be riding on two wheels so late in the year. in such a beautiful place. and loved!

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