Saturday, November 12, 2011

on reflection

the autumn is probably the most beautiful time of year to be out on two wheels.

one of the routes i love to take follows the otonabee river which at this time of year is often lowered quite
substantially, slowing the current down enough such that if there's no wind,
there are amazing reflections in the water.

these are from last weekend.

the side-effect of these scenes is to slow me down. to stop.
to look around and really let all this wonder settle in.


  1. The bicycle ride gives us a chance for slowing down, looking around, and letting the wonder settle in. I love that way of thinking about it, particularly familiar wonder that we want to experience anew but also savor in memory.

  2. hey jra - that's what it does for me exactly . . . . it's a place of meditation and clearing out. now, having said that if i get to move at speed i'm also a happy boy but there are times and places that just cry out for me to slow down or stop. steven