Monday, November 22, 2010

bike flick night: the wolfpack hustle (i)

this is a 30 to 40 mile ride through the streets of la.

the rules: from the east to the beach. 5 person teams with minimum 1 fixed gear per team race any route they choose from tang's donut in silverlake to docweiller beach by lax.
the first complete team to cross the finish line wins

"wolfpack hustle is dedicated to fixed gear, track and road bike culture in los angeles, a city currently dominated by the lowly automobile. no they aren’t olympians or roided-out weekend warrior types… they are simply here to ride stronger, faster and to assert our rights as riders to the gritty streets of la."

here's the video evidence to back it up!!!

enjoy the ride!!

if you just wanna watch then turn the tunes down.

hooked? want more? me too! go here . . . .


  1. Hi, steven, this reminds me of critical mass in san francisco where an anarchy of cyclists take over the streets on friday afternoons. really heady.

  2. hey dan!! yeah it's very much like the critical mass pieces. there's something truly exciting about a group of cyclists taking the lane. i'm not sure i could be quite as brave as some of these men and women but then i don't need to!!! steven