Wednesday, April 21, 2010

pedal for hope ride

today i got to ride with the pedal for hope team. these guys (and one woman rider) are all police officers as well as john druce the former nhl player who managed to work his way onto the team and really belongs there to be honest! they ride on their holidays - so three weeks - 1000 km and 53 schools!

the reason they ride is to raise money to help in the fight against cancer - especially pediatric cancer.

i lead my school in fundraising for the pedal for hope campaing and we worked for seven days
selling cupcakes, cookies, holding a raffle, hat day, stuffie day, jammie day, movie day, all sorts of stuff!

this is my second time working with the team and my first time riding with them.

it might seem strange but i barely slept the night before and couldn't eat breakfast.

the day started at st. catherines school and they were swamped with heads to be shaved (which is the really big fundraiser) so we got off to a fairly late start off to my school (otonabee valley). we had a police escort and rode in a loose echolon single-file. the pace was really nice - 30 to 45 km/h with one stretch downhill where i cracked 60+ km/h for the first time on a bike.

then we got to ride along the highway as the escort shut down a lane for us. that was extremely sweet as the road surface was smooth.
really smooth.

here are the bikes lined up outside my school.

and here's me and my buddy sgt. marc habgood having a little quality time.

we raised $2300 towards cancer research.


  1. I came to your blog from Oakville Ontario via
    Valerie Greeley's blog in England.... in the twinkling of an eye, and some people don't believe in magic!
    Further to St George's Day, Ontario has a thriving 175 year old St.George's Society,one of the oldest charitable organizations in Canada I believe. They are still fighting the good fight against the many dragons of our modern world, including cancer I believe.
    Happy St.George's Day

  2. A promising start indeed - to your new blog, I mean. The picture of the bike on rollers was very nostalgic for me. Every success with your sponsored riding.

  3. hello otgw and welcome!! my parents used to attend st. george's society events. thanks for the happy greeting! steven

  4. hi dave, the rollers were a real challenge for me. there's no way they compare to the wind in your teeth, bumpiness of the real road. but they helped me keep a degree of fitness through the winter. i rode in front of videos of california!!! steven

  5. All the best on your ride!!

  6. hey flea thanks a lot!!! steven